Compact Teardrop Camping Trailers

Teardrop camping trailers are beautifully streamlined, extremely practical and compact camping and cruising companions for various  adventures. They're the next best thing to a tent. Teardrop campers can sleep two adults comfortably, take in most of their camping gear, might have a small kitchen in the back and are easier to tow then anything else on the road. Even with a motorcycle!

They first appeared in the 1930's and remained popular until the 1960's. In the 1990's the internet started connecting people around the world, old building plans came out and folks just started building them all over again.

The United States might be the leading market, but you can also find them in South Africa, Europe, Australia and New Zealand and probably some other places that I'm not aware of.

Oregon Trail'R FronTear  teardrop camper.

Sharp looking streamlined body

Oregon Trail'R FronTear teardrop camping trailer.

Wide open door to the pleasure dome

After all, teardrops are much smaller then any other trailer and it seems like they perfectly fit the missing gap between tents and larger camping trailers.

The timeless design does look great on any vehicle, doesn't it? On top of all that, they offer many benefits to their owners:

  • Lower fuel consumption and a smaller tow vehicle

  • Extremely easy to pull and highly  maneuverable

  • Easy to move around by one person in camping sites

  • Minimal maintenance and storage space

  • No more bugs and water leaks in the middle of the night

  • And finally, a real mattress to sleep on!

Vintage Look

The classic retro design is always an award winning combination that the modern day confection style can never beat. A beautifully streamlined teardrop, with two doors including windows on each side and a roof vent on the top. Compact, simple and appealing to the eye.

Just take a good look at Volkswagen campers or any other kind of vintage campers for example. I don't know about you, but my heart kind of melts when I see one of them.

Who Builds Teardrop Camping Trailers?

Most of teardrop camping trailers are custom and hand build usually by folks that in some way or another grew up with the early examples of these comfy sleepers.

Not to many manufacturers are to be found around the world really, but those who do design them, take their pride and joy in building some of the finest examples on earth.

Teardrop camping trailers are build on heavy duty cargo trailer chassis. Some even use tougher chassis for some 4x4 off road action. Yes, fully equipped off road trailers, with reinforced bodies for some tough action are pretty common here.

Oregon Trail'R FronTear teardrop's comfortable living space.

Still wanna sleep in a tent?

A fully equipped galley neatly hidden in the rear end of teardrop camping trailer.

Optional fully equipped galley

You will certainly find a few manufacturers using fiberglass for the body, linoleum for the floor, carpeting for the upholstery and melamine for the furniture. Standard RV materials. Not that there is anything wrong with that...

But most manufacturers build their first trailers for their own use. And they made tough trailers "build to last".

These folks take their business seriously giving in the highest quality of workmanship and materials.  They pay attention to their customers and constantly improve little bits and pieces of their products. If they can't find something in the market, they make it themselves.

Handmade Quality

So what you get is an aluminum exterior and carefully varnished all-wood interior with cabinets, lights, multimedia players and of course, a comfortable mattress and privacy curtains for the windows.

The back lid covers the optional kitchen unit. This galley comes equipped with a double burner stove, a cooler or a real camping refrigerator  and a stainless steel sink and counter-top.

And of course all-wood cabinets and drawers for your food and cooking supplies. And don't forget the fresh and grey water tanks. These are all high quality materials you will almost never find in ordinary recreational vehicles.

There are many other options available depending on the manufacturer. Some trailers can even have a roof-tent mounted on the top just in case you have kids for example. So mom and dad get to sleep in the trailer, and the kids get to play in the roof-tent.

There are no showers and toilets here, but you can always get a portable camping toilet and the portable camping shower if you wish so.

Mass production is almost non-existent here. Most of the trailers are build on order. The price range varies depending on how you wish to customize your teardrop. And you do get a lot to choose from.

Teardrop camping trailers are not for everybody. They're for people that are looking for a compact, stylish and hassle free recreational vehicle. And you do get to personalize it the way you want.

And given the fact that they are "build to last, I'll guess you're probably stick to it!

After all, many of them are so unique, that they are probably bound to become collectors items. Customized teardrop camping trailers do have a touch of vintage, don't they?

Share Your Teardrop Camper

Teardrop camping trailers are quite unique in this world and not to many of them are around. So if you build them and wish to present your business or just wish to show off your own teardrop, I'd love to hear from you!

No two teardrops are the same and I'll bet yours just might be full of helpfull tips.

And a few great photos will be pure magic for us!

It's easy! Just fill in the form below.

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