Town Car to club wagon E-350 always living in a Ford Go figure I been A Chevy Man all my life.

by Timdog
(New England)

I've been living the grid on again off again trying to find my balance and yet maintain my sanity for many years and have done so with the barest of necessities.

Propane heat "mr. heater" to be used ventilated and never on when sleeping. You may never wake up. Therefore many blankets. and a close by pee jug. Used Gatorade bottles will do anI are staples of survival as I have endured a couple of the coldest winters on history in New England I am only now addressing the need for an upgrade of insulation and dehumidification. As rain and or cold will cause the interior to condensate, when you sweat so bad that you'll think that you have a leak.

And may Drown... then maybe I'll install a bed and get rid of this bench seat of the past six years. I'll donate it to someone. I do wish to maintain contact with the outside world and wish to be able to communicate when and if necessary.

If I should be way off the beaten path than cash is a must, gas food etc etc etc ... insurance,taxes,registration, yeah the man is still expecting his. Oh yeah and a membership to the local YMCA doesn't hurt. A little workout a shower and a shave just to remind myself that I am one of the civil ones not responsible for the many potholes in the city streets. A jacuzzi and a sauna with some steam will do just fine.

I resent to have anything to do with the many potholes where a tiny village and tiny little humans used to be in the middle east. The money for those bombs could have fixed our potholes!

Things that make sense to me don't seem to make sense to the masses or they simply laugh it off. "Then Forget It"...our desire for property and power is ludicrous considering the power of the beautiful land, the property that still remains, that godly power that we can never own.

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