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My wife and I often travel to Greece in our camper van and explore one of the most beautiful Mediterranean countries at our own pace. The rough and diverse landscape, the secluded beaches, the emerald sea,  tavernas with excellent Greek food, the locals, Greek language and their music attract us like a couple of moths .

Love with Greece started out back in the 1990's with my first solo motorcycle trip to this magic piece of land. After that, my wife and I took several trips down there and  an occasional travel to Greece  became kind of a habit for a few years. Heck, we even drove down to the beautiful island of Crete, got married there and spent a month just honeymooning on the island!

It's that easy going lifestyle of the Mediterranean world that we always crave for. The scents of the sea and the mountains.  A place where folks still take time and talk to each other, without having to rush somewhere in the next ten minutes.

Driving To Greece

 If you're driving from central Europe you can travel to Greece using three different routes.

The first option is driving to one of the Italian ports like Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi all the way down south south. The Greek ferries all have connections with Igoumenitsa, Corfu island and the main Greek port of Patras.

Port Of Igoumenitsa, Greece

Ferries to Greece, Port Of Igoumenitsa.

This is the most comfortable way to travel to Greece and booking in advance is highly recommended. You can also disembark in one port (ex.Igoumenitsa) and embark in another one (ex.Patras), that way you don't have to make a round trip just to get on the ferry.

Or do it the other way around. It's simply your choice.

Depending on your preferred ferry route, you'll get there anywhere between 15 to 30 hours. Most of Greek ferries offer the "camping on board" option, which my wife and I have enjoyed many times.

You get to enjoy the life on board the ship just like the rest of the passengers. A couple of restaurants, bars, shops open decks and even the open swimming pool in peak season periods. And sleeping cabins are available of course, just in case you need one.

Camping "on board" the Minoan Lines ferry

Camping on board a ferry to Greece.

Otherwise you get to "camp" on the partially open camping deck, providing toilets and showers for the occupants of camper vans, larger motorhomes and trailers neatly packed up in straight lines.

No camper van awnings and propane cooking is allowed here, but you do get 220V power. And if you will be camping in Greece, the"Sunshine camping guide" is provided at the reception desk.

The second option is driving on the Croatian Adriatic coast or the highway just behind in case you're in a hurry. Currently the highway ends just above the city of Makarska, where you can proceed on the coastline road to Montenegro and Albania.

I always highly recommend the  beautiful Adriatic coast road to anybody as it has been my favorite for decades now. You'll just miss all the beauty using the highway, simple as that.

Traveling down the Adriatic coast in Croatia

Traveling on the Adriatic coast, Croatia.

The third option is taking the highway through Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia. It's a long way but you can always get a good night sleep near the restaurants, a few camping sites and parking places in between. And Serbia does have great restaurants and excellent food!

The last two options can be combined together, depending on where you want to travel and what you would like to see. Or take the road one way and return on the ferry boat like we did...Believe me, if you travel to Greece, this is a round-trip well worth taking anytime!

A few years ago when we traveled down the Croatian Adriatic coast through Croatia and Montenegro, left the coast and headed up in the beautiful Durmitor mountains and the river Tara, one of the hottest rafting spots in Europe.

Durmitor mountains, Montenegro

Durmitor mountains, Montenegro.

The road took us all the way up to Belgrade, where we rock & rolled a night off on a blasting AC/DC concert. Best night in a long time! The next day we were still under the "spell" of the concert and an AC/DC cd got turned up all the way up while we continued cruising the highway and heading down to Macedonia and Greece.

From whatever part of the border you enter, you can start exploring this country on your own. Get a good road map before you do. There are a lot hidden corners well worth exploring...

Travel To Greece -  The North

It's a vast country, and I surely haven't seen all of it. It takes time. And a good travel to Greece is something I always look forward to. But there is one of the most classic travelers routes of course.

The north-west coast has quite a lot to discover and you can stop for a while at the town of Parga or hop on one of the many islands like Lefkada or Kefalonia and enjoy the sounds of Captain Corelli's mandolin if you wish so...(yes, the movie was filmed on the island!)

Meteora monasteries, Greece.

The north-west coast has quite a lot to discover and you can stop for a while at the town of Parga or hop on one of the many islands like Lefkada or Kefalonia and enjoy the sounds of Captain Corelli's mandolin if you wish so...(yes, the movie was filmed on the island!)

The Meteora monasteries are built on high sandstone rock pillars. This largest complex of eastern Orthodox monasteries is not only magnificent to admire and take pictures, but offers lots of climbing and hiking possibilities in a peaceful pure nature surrounding.

While you're driving on this road you can take a detour to one of the most attractive cities in the country. Volos is situated in the beautiful Pagasetic Gulf, just on the footstep of Mount Pelion. The attractive peninsula under the mountain will keep you more than busy for a few days.

The road continues down to the south and up in Oros Parnassos mountains and gradually descends to the archeological site of Delphi and town with the same name.

Delphi, worshiping the god Apollo...

Delphi, worshiping the god Apollo...

Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada

Porto Katsiki beach, Lefkada, Greece.

The award winning Rio-Antirrio bridge will take you from the mainland to the Peloponnese peninsula near Patras. It's lately a much more comfortable way to cross over then using the ferry crossing or driving all the way down to the Corinth Canal.

The Peloponnese Peninsula

What to do on Peloponnese ?

Well just about anything else you do if you travel to Greece.Explore the local historical sites, enjoy the sometimes secluded beaches, grab some Feta cheese and olives in a local Taverna, have a drink, walk around and most off all have fun without any expectations.

The Peloponnese is quite large piece of land dwelling in the Mediterranean sea and I surely did not discover all the hidden corners it has to offer. Just drive around it and explore them at your own pace.

My best guess is that you will or had discovered some of them on your own. So I invite you to share your thoughts at the bottom of this page.

A typical Greek Taverna in a small port

A typycal Taverna on the Peloponese peninsula.

I'll share some of my spots with the photos below. With one exception though...

My wife and I had a wonderful trip on the island of Kythira, just a short ferry ride from Peloponnese peninsula. It's an peaceful island, with only a couple of camping sites and a lot of free camping opportunities on some of the most colorful beaches here.

Well, truth to be known time. Back on Peloponnese I was showing the photos on another free camping space to a Greek couple. We all had some wine and...well the red wine had hit the ceiling of my brain. I pressed the delete button by accident, and...about a hundred pictures from Kythira were gone in a split of a second.

You'll just have to do without them. But do visit the island when you travel to Greece. It's more then worth the trip if you need some tranquility.

Driving down the east coast Monemvasia is located in the southeastern Peloponnese, 400 meters from the mainland which happened do to an earthquake way back in history.

The town is divided into a upper and lower town. Even today, there are many ruins of the original 800 houses and 40 churches from the rich and long history of this town. A great and relaxing place to explore around and enjoy the local beaches in total piece.

Monemvasia, Peloponnese.

Monemvasia, the ancient town built on a rock

Free camping in Greece.

The secluded beaches

Secluded beaches like the one on the image above near Neapoli can be found on many locations.

Keep in mind that the government regulations do not allow free camping, but they simply close an eye when you do it. The local police play a fair game on both sides. And that is all they ask you to do.

Nobody will hassle you if you sleep a couple of nights out in the open. Just remember not to bother anybody and most important of all, keep the place clean! This way you can find a naturist beach of your own and enjoy cheap holidays in Greece at the same time.

When you travel to Greece you will find quite a few shipwrecks along the shallow parts of Greek coastline. They actually give a nice touch to the overall setting of the image that meets the eye.

Why have they been left there? I guess It's just the lack of money to tow them away. 

A shipwreck near Methoni, Greece.

A shipwreck near Methoni

Land turtle or Tortoise in Greece.

Playing with a friendly Tortoise

Land turtles or tortoises are a common sight all around. They even have their own road "warning " signs to worn you about their possible presence on the road. Quite friendly little guys and feel no particular fear at our presence.

The Voidokilia beach or lagoon is only one of the many fine sandy beaches in the southwestern area of the Peloponnese, near the town of Pylos. This is quite a large area, therefore you have a lot of hiking and exploring options available.

Voidokilia Beach, Greece.

The pebble beaches from the east and south coast change to long sandy beaches on most of the west coast. Even the winds seem to be stronger here, so you will find a lot more sailing and surfing activities can on this side.

While the west coast continues to spoil with long sandy beaches, one last site on the road is more than worth a visit when you travel to Greece.

Olympia is a historical site were the first Olympic games were held and also a strong standing tradition up until today.

Now I'm not into sports and traditions, but Olympia does have a special feeling once you get there. Most of the temples have been ruined by earthquakes, but standing there and admiring what has been left for eons is just pure magic.

Olympia, the first Olympic games and the Olympic fire starting point

And after all, all the Olympic flames have been ignited here and carried to the selected scene of the next Olympic games. That's something that counts.

The camping site we stayed at in the month of may was simply outstanding.  The olive and lemon trees, the swimming pool and the Vaya Con Dios music kept us there for a few days.

When you travel to Greece, do keep in mind that it's impossible to explore all of it in a short time. Explore the hidden corners, enjoy the beaches,  the olives and the delicious olive oil which is abundant here.

Do enjoy life in the present moment if you travel to Greece,  without any expectations.If you travel to Greece with a ferry boat you will find all the needed information here.

And many camping options are available on this website.  Keep in mind though, that these are not the only camping sites available here.

Have You Ever Been To Greece?

Share your thoughts and experiences. Let us know if you really enjoyed exploring Greece. Maybe you can share a couple of camping and traveling tips with us as well.

And a few great photos will be pure magic for us!

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