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Van camping can be a variety of different adventures. A simple getaway for the weekend, touring around the country and absorbing the scenery of the ever changing landscape, van dwelling or exploring the world and trying to understand the humble purpose of our existence on this planet.

Overland expeditions using 4X4 camper vans in Asia, Africa or South America are on the top list for the most adventurous.

All that in the comfort of your camper van conversion. A home away from home. And this is what is all about. All about the practical camper van conversions and the many ways you can experience and enjoy camping and exploring the world in your van.

One thing that I've learned touring around in my VW camper, is about the minimums. There is a limited amount of storage space of course, but surprisingly it will hold everything I actually need.

I keep some of the regular camper accessories in the camper van at all times and then I just fill up with clothes, shoes, food and water, and hit the road for the next adventure.

And every time I'm touring around, I keep on asking myself the same old dumb question over and over again....why do I need all that stuff I keep in my house, when in my humble traveling reality, all I need is the basics and my adventurous soul.

Ask the van dwellers community. They got fed up with the matrix system we all live in, jumped off the debt-slavery wagon and now travel and live the true freedom!

Camper van conversions have proved themselves over and over again since the introduction of Westafalia camper vans back in the late 1950's, as valuable and practical vehicles to discover the many corners of our planet.

In fact, one of the first hand built prototypes was bought by Erna and Helmut Blenck, a couple of keen travelers who made an epic journey to South Africa in it, and in 1955 published a book about their travel in a Westfalia camper van, South Africa Today.

I guess this was the benchmark for camper van travel as we know it today.

Camper van camping in the Swiss Alps.

People continually use all kinds of small campers and other conversions, pursuing their dreams and van camping throughout the world.

So at this point, I will switch places with you and let you do the writing, as I would really love to hear about your campers, van camping experiences, places you have been and the people you have met down the road.

If you enjoy  van camping as much as I do, please feel free to share your adventures with me and other enthusiasts from around the world visiting this site!

So don't be so shy and contribute to this community with your story...

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And if you have a particular van camping story that does not fit in any of the links above, use this page to share it with the rest of the community. Click here to skip down to the form. I will convert it into a Web page for all the visitors on this web site that enjoy camper van adventures...

People Pursuing Their Van Camping Dreams

Here are some of the very few different camper van stories from around the world for you to enjoy!

This, over 30 year old Citroen 2 CV in the picture below, made a one year round trip in Europe. I met this great German couple in Montenegro, just about on the last quarter of their journey.

Citroen C2 on tour around Europe for one year.

We spent a few great days together, just enjoying ourselves by using our camping kitchen and the cooler box most of the time. And we even met in Greece later on and shared our thoughts on traveling through Albania. Talk about driving there, phew....

Well, we had a whole lot to talk about!

To them, modern day luxury and technology is something from another world....all they needed to realize their dream was in that small  van.

Or take a look at Sheila and Paul for example and their never ending van camping adventure around Europe in their Volkswagen camper. Every year they devote a three month period exploring the nature and it's people in many different European countries.

Take a look and enjoy this short video of a young American family with two very young boys, leaving it all behind and chasing their dreams from Seattle and all the way down to Panama in their VW camper, just to reinforce your understanding, of what will power can do if you want...

This french couple took their 1969 Citroen HY camper van conversion named the Hachille, down to South America for one year. This video has absolutely breath taking scenery, so don't miss it!

Your Van Camping Adventure

No two camper van adventure stories are the same. Even if the two of us took the same road, the story will always be something different.

So if you have an interesting story to share, I'd love to hear from you! A simple fishing trip or touring to remote parts of the world, I love reading all of them. And there's a lot of people around the world that would enjoy your stories to get some fresh ideas, or just dream about the places they might never explore.

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