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Try a VW camper van hire for a change the next time you head out to explore the world. The legendary and compact VW camper vans have been around since the late 1950's, they look great, drive like a dream and will take you places other larger campers cannot reach.

It's the freedom of traveling where you want at your own pace. Wake up to the sound of the waves on the beach instead of the maid's cart. Skip the crowded restaurants and cook your dinner watching the sunset out in the great outdoors.

Don't believe me? Well I drive one of these great vehicles and I could talk to you for hours about all the adventures.

My wife and I even got married on the wonderful Greek island of Crete and spent the night of honors on a far away beach. Neatly tucked under pine trees with absolutely no one around us. Yes, in our VW camper van of course...

And it was a unique and memorable experience both of us will never forget !

VW Camper Van Hire Facts

You can hire or rent them for short trips or longer adventures as some of the hiring companies suggest. Depending on the model they will sleep 2 to 4 persons.

Volkswagen camper van hire/rental

Everything you will need is already on board. A mini-kitchen with a small cooker, sink with running water and a cooler box. VW camper van hire companies will usually include the bedding and some basic camping equipment such as camping chairs and tables.

Bike racks, roof racks and other extras are usually obtainable at extra cost.

VW camper van hire companies are usually small and/or family operated. They keep a small fleet of vehicles and in most cases take great care of them.

When you think of VW campers the first thing that comes to mind is probably the old hippie-van or the VW Kombi from the 1960's.

Well depending on where you want to travel, you will find different generations of the legendary camper available. The Classic Split-screen and the Bay window bus, the Vanagon and Eurovan campers (VW Joker and California models in Europe) and the latest VW California or other camper van conversions based on the modern VW T5.

VW Camper Hire - Where To?

If you want to travel in the United Kingdom and explore Ireland, Scotland or even Europe, you'll have absolutely no problem finding them. The British are absolutely crazy about VW camper vans and finding a VW camper van rental is as easy as it gets! Everything from the classic Split-screen to modern day VW campers is at your disposal.

Europe also has a few VW camper rentals available and many of them specialize in long term rentals and offering great discounts. If you plan to tour Europe, this is a great way to save some of your money. Just book the van in advance and forget all about booking any other accommodation! Try Blacksheep, a Campervan Rental specialist in France, from Lyon and Bordeaux.

The Western parts of the United States are also a favorite spot to find some Volkswagen Westfalia rental companies. Explore the Pacific coast and the Rocky Mountains in pure freedom and style!

Hawaii has some great narrow roads to drive on and beaches to discover. Hawaiians are proud of their Vanagons and Westfalia Campers as these are the only vehicles practical and compact enough to tackle the narrow Hawaiian roads (remember the Magnum P.I TV series from the 1980's?). Again, escape the crowds and air- conditioned rooms and enjoy sleeping in light trade winds on Hawaiian beaches in Westfalia rentals!

Further down in the Pacific Ocean, New Zealand and Australia both offer plenty of freedom and adventure to experience the magic of VW camper vans. Not to mention the stunning landscape both countries have to offer. Just browse around and search for VW campers.


A VW camper van hire adventure will take you back in time when life was slow and simple. A time when parking your van on the beach or just pulling up for the night in the middle of nowhere was an adventure itself. A time when camping wasn't a display of modern day technology but simply enjoying yourself in the great outdoors...

Have A Great Story About Your VW Camper Hire?

The Volkswagen Camper Van is with no doubt the ultimate all-purpose adventure van. The older models bring back to mind the magic moments from another time, while the new ones offer more comfort and the ease of driving just about anywhere you want to go.

So if you have an interesting story about your VW camper van hire or rental, I'd love to hear from you! Where have you been, where did you hire the van and how did you enjoy your camper. And lot's of people around the world are searching for VW camper van rentals, so why not help them out with a couple of your ideas?

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