Work Camping And Live On The Road

Work camping? This is a phrase you just typed in your favorite search engine, isn't it. For many it's a lifestyle. Something they either have to do or wish to do in order to live through the experience of their life.

Whatever the reason It's something you choose to do. And you get to do it when you need to and out in the open and away from the madness from today's society. Well most of the time. But before I get to the point, let me tell you a short story of an old man with lots of experience that crossed my life quite a long time ago...

My friends late grandpa lived an easy going and stress free type of life. He never had a normal job, he never got married and he never had any children...well at least that's what he told me.

He traveled all around Europe and the only work he has ever done were opportunity and part time jobs, picking grapes, oranges or anything else he could find when a helping hand was needed.

Work camping was something that came around in the 1950's. Traveling around, this man tried just about anything. He was a janitor, a handy man, gardener and sometimes even a host. These are some of the most common jobs even today.

I had great conversations with this guy as he had a lot of great stories to tell. And I could listen to him for hours. Grandpa smoked like a chimney and a bottle of wine over a camping
fire was a daily norm. When he went just over 90 years, he said....

"You know, I'm  kind of  tired of this life and all I want to do now right now is go back home", wherever that is.

He lived a simple life, helping out when needed and keeping matters as simple as possible. He traveled, met a lot of people but never dropped the anchor. May his soul travel forever now.

Why Work Camping?

Today more people than ever choose to extensively travel or even live in their camper van or any other kind of recreational vehicle. Most of them finally figured out that the corporate/consumer rat race they've been sucked into is nothing more then a never ending
debt slavery "no end " road.

Well many don't wish to step in it from the very beginning. It depends when you figure things out. It's called the ascension of awareness.

The rat race comic

Singles, couples and sometimes even families are running out from this mad society in search for a better life.

Being a large country, the United States excels in this field of course, while Europe has it's own camping job market. I have no idea how the rest of the world functions here, therefore you're more than welcome to put up a comment or a job offer on the bottom of this page.

A part time work camping job is one of the opportunities or alternatives that can help you out live your dream. Work when you need to and explore the world at your own pace.

It's an on growing job market that involves working in camping sites or many other seasonal resorts. The jobs are many and if you have some of the required skills and love to travel, well you just might be facing a new lifestyle.

You have to accept some facts though. These are not well payed jobs and it will not offer you abundance of anything. But if you can keep matters simple as they can ever be in return you'll get your life back. And that's something  far more important than anything else.

Take a look at the van dwelling community for example. Many people report that they can get by the month on anything from $500 and just above.

Work camping-planting trees

My twins helping out planting trees...

In 2012 we traveled in Croatia (a family of four + a dog) for a month. We spent 23 days in a beautiful camping site on one of the Croatian islands.

We made friends with the owner and his family, helped him out a bit around the camping site with gardening, cleaning, planting trees, picking grapes and a bit of hosting. The final 23 day price was settled at less then $300.

Remember that this wasn't a job, but helping out a friend. With all the other expenses we had that month (gas, tolls, ferries and food) we got up to around $650. A dirt cheap vacation if you ask me. Not to mention that we all had a great time.

But let's get back to the point here...

You get to live and work in a camping site or some other resort of your choice in exchange for no rent plus other commodities. No office work is involved here, just the great outdoors and lot's of fresh air.

Sometimes you don't even need your own vehicle as some resorts offer rooms, mobile homes or other type of accommodation for their employees.

If you're prepared to dump your house or apartment, all the expenses that come along with that, and all the so called luxury that you ever had and frankly don't need, well head out and live your dream. Don't let anybody stop you and just follow, what your heart tells you to do.

work camping and enjoy life

 A lot of people choose to work throughout the winter or summer season for a few months and spend the rest of the year just traveling around at their own pace.

Just like everything else in your life, this is entirely your choice. Live in the rat race paradigm or start exploring the world and most important, take the time to discover yourself.

There is nothing much to discuss here, It's either you go or you stay. It's that simple.

A friend of mine from north Germany, sold his house and most of his material belongings, bought a camping trailer and now lives permanently in a camping site with his wife. His only regret is that he hasn't done it sooner. The work camping style works great for him.

"Dumping most of my material possessions finally allowed me to breathe again" he explained...

Remember that there are two most important days in you life. The day you were born and the day you find out why. And it has nothing to do with power, wealth, anger and greed, but to enjoy life connected with the pure nature of it.

Bob is a typical American person, that had previously enjoyed the benefits of the all American dream delusion. A family, the house, the mortgage and lots of toys in the garage. Deep down himself he always new some things just don't add up but he kind of went with the flow.

His divorce turned his life upside down and he ended up almost broke and living in a small apartment that he could barely afford.

He bought a van with his last savings and it turned out to be the best decision he made in his life. It was a rough start. But through time he learned everything he needed to in order to survive in his van.

And he never looked back. Bob's way is merely one way to step in a new life. He takes a work camping job, when he needs to.

These two websites will help you find a work camping job in the United States or in many parts of  Europe.

If you have any experience in other countries, feel free to post a comment about it.  Share the information for a better life for others still stuck with a mind full of questions. They'll aprreciate the "kick start" from you. And they just might love the work camping lifestyle.

Do You Have A Work Camping Experience?

Have you ever worked in a camping site? Do you plan to take this type of work or have you been doing it for quite a while now? Maybe you can share a couple of great tips of how to make the best out of this type of work.

And if you have a couple of photos from these happy moments, we'd love to see them too!

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